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Related article: Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2003 18:38:52 -0000 From: Malcolm Cowan Subject: After The Matchmaker Part 6AFTER THE MATCHMAKER by Magic Malcolm. ( disclaimers apply. Don't read if you're under 18 (21 in some places), I don't personally mind if you are under-age, but they get so stuffy about stuff like this...Now, on with the story. Part Six of AFTER THE MATCHMAKER.---Part Six - Christmas Chaos---"You look gloomy," I say as Stephen enters our apartment looking much more than gloomy, he looks downright depressed, "Bad day?""You don't know the half of it...but enough about me, how's your arm?"One thing has remained constant since the last time I sat down and wrote stuff down...Stephen being overprotective of me. Sure I need his help for some stuff, like getting washed and having a shower...which is probably not such a good thing, because things tend to happen when Stephen and I end up showering together. To wit, we spend more time fooling around than we do getting clean. And it's pretty hard to wash dried in sperm off the walls of the shower with only one working arm, let me tell you."Stephen, my arm is in a sling, I am not crippled. Amazingly, I can take care of myself.""That's not what I asked, was it?""The arm is fine," I sigh, wishing it was totally fine so I could strangle him for asking me that same question for TWO WEEKS now..."Now that's settled, why the lack of happiness on your part?""My parents want me to go over for dinner tomorrow night...""That doesn't seem so bad..."He takes his time before going on, almost as if he was nervous about saying what it was, "They want you to come too.""Me? Can't imagine why.""Actually, the way they put it was more...'bring over that person who you fell so much in love with you upped and moved out before we hit you with heavy objects.'""Well, I can totally imagine your mother saying that last bit..." And apparently I am not the brightest star in the galaxy after all, "oh.""What am I gonna do?" He looks panicked. In another time and place, it would be funny. But taking the implications of this dinner into context..."You could always...not go. Or go, but say that I couldn't make it...""That's not it. I totally want to take you to them and say that you make me feel like no other person could do.""Aw. I think I need to hug you now.""I have the feeling you're not taking this seriously.""You think?""It's not that simple. I mean, coming out to my parents, you coming out to my parents. Are we really ready for that?"I have the feeling he could take on a boardroom full of important executives, but would quiver and crumble before his mum and dad in an instant. I walked over to him and wrapped my working arm around his shoulders and kiss him on the cheek."Well, I'm ready if you are," I say, in total honesty. I'm totally fed up with people seeing the gorgeous ring Stephen got for me and not being able to tell people who it's really from. I suppose coming out to Stephen's parents would be the first step to that...a very large and ultimately scary step, yes, but the first step nonetheless.And Stephen looked more than relieved when I said that. And, yay, he smiled, I like his happy face much more than any of his other faces. That smile could disarm countries, I swear."That's...encouraging," Stephen says, hugging me tightly, "Are you really sure?""Call them, tell them we'll be there. Now," I playfully order, pushing him towards the telephone with my free arm, "Oh god, what am I gonna wear? Should I dress smart to try and impress them? Or, is it going to be a casual dinner...oh, should I bring something? Dessert? Do they like pineapples?"Stephen chuckled, "How about I ask them all that on the phone, love?""Yeah, good plan..." I smile in response, "I'd better check if my suit needs pressing..."---"Deep cleansing breaths..." I look over at Stephen, who looks quite possibly the most handsome I've ever seen him look. He totally suits the tuxedo he's got on. More importantly, he looks quietly confident. I however, am pretty sure that I look like a nervous wreck.Stephen entered reassuring mode almost straight away, "It's okay, they know you already.""They knew me as your best friend, not your boyfriend, who really thinks he looks stupid in this suit and sling combo.""You look perfect to me..." He frowns, "No, that *so* didn't come out right.""Ah shush, I got what you meant. Are we gonna stand out here all day?"Stephen rings the doorbell, and my heart skips quite a few beats. He gives me a quick comforting hug before the door opens. It's his mother, Melissa. "Free Winona" t-shirt and jeans."Boy, do I suddenly feel overdressed," I muttered."You're early, so where is she?" Melissa finally noticed me, looking all 00-oh in my suit, "And why's Matt here?"Melissa has always called me Matt. Most people tend just to call me Matt anyway; I think I'm more of a 'Matt' than a 'Matthew' anyway."I'll tell you when we get inside, it's bloody freezing," Stephen says, giving his mother a hug. I couldn't help feeling slightly jealous of them, they were a close family, something I never quite managed to have with my parents. I managed a half-hearted smile as I walked in the familiar hallway. A quick inspection of Stephen's room sees that not much has changed. It's been converted into a spare room though, so I suppose that's a bit of a change then. It's still pretty cluttered though."Mother, you asked me here because you wanted to meet the person I've fallen in love with...right?"I break out of my trance quickly as I realize that, oh-oh, it's time. Luckily I don't have to say much, poor Stephen has it all to least, that's the plan anyway. He suddenly seemed nervous."Yes, that's right."Stephen turned deathly quiet, leaving Melissa completely hanging on waiting for an answer. Since it seemed he wasn't going to answer here at all, I walked up beside him and took his hand in my free hand, he turned to look at me and suddenly seemed much more confident, while I suddenly felt like throwing up. I think that's what the more knowledgeable people call 'Transference.'"He's right here, mother."It was the bravest thing he's ever done...even more brave than saving me from getting hit by that car, even more brave than coming out to me and admitting he loved me...I think I managed to smile and nod, I know I felt Stephen squeeze my hand, his way of thanking me I guess."Oh," Melissa said, there was a bit of a pause, and then she shrugged, "Well as long as you're happy. At least I know I can trust Matt to take care of you."Stephen positively beamed, seriously. I can imagine why, that must've been such a burden removed from his shoulders right there. He gave his mum another hug, before turning back to me, grinning in a slightly goofy way."Don't look too happy Stephen," I said, trying not to smile myself. I was very happy at this turn of events too, "We still have your dad to deal with.""That'll be easier," Stephen was this close to dancing on the spot; it was wonderful seeing him like that. Then I felt him spinning me around with him, and I couldn't help laughing at it. "Hey, if things go well, maybe we could all have Christmas dinner together,"I seriously loved that idea, "I'd like that. Always pays to get in good favor with the in-laws," I smile impishly at that."I don't think you were ever not in their good favor," Stephen replied, stopping as he heard the door opening."Are they here yet, Melissa?" Came the voice of Stephen's father, funnily enough his name is Matthew too."Yes they are dear, but there's something you should know...""Tell me later, I can't wait to meet this girl of Stephen's."Which should've tipped me off as the first bad omen of the day,"Oh, hi Matt, here to help Stephen in case he goes off at a tangent again? So where is she, son?"Stephen never got the chance to answer, due to the fact his dad had done a double take and saw that Stephen and I were holding hands again. I suddenly felt an abnormal chill in the air."'re...*together*" He said, and I was spooked by the tone of voice he used. It was almost spiteful, definitely with a hint of hatred. He looked about ready to erupt. I heard Stephen gulp, and I knew his resolve had quickly dissipated. It was up to me again, unfortunately."Um, yeah we are Mr. Lawson," I said, trying hard to make it sound like no big deal, not such an easy task, "And we're both happy with that, and that's all that matters, right?"Wrong.It's not what he replied that made me think that, more the case of the fact he punched me right in the face without warning. And there was a lot of power to that Naked Preteen Toplist punch too, I fell to the floor hearing Melissa's screaming and Stephen gasping in horror."Neither of you are welcome in my house," He roared, and turned to leave the house again, "And when I get back, you'd both better be gone."The door slammed shut. I heard Melissa start crying as Stephen helped me back up. Stephen looked mightily pissed off."You okay?" Stephen asked.I touched my face where the blow had landed, "I may have to suffer the indignity of a black eye, but otherwise fine."Of course I wasn't completely fine. It was going so well up to then, trust Stephen's dad to be a damn homophobic bastard. I chose to keep that one to myself, considering the state Melissa seemed to be in. I walked over to her and hugged her, "I'm so sorry," she kept saying."It's not your fault," I replied, turning back to see Stephen, who still looked extremely angry."No, it's not your fault Naked Preteen Toplist mother. Don't let yourself think that.""We'd better go, before he gets back," I said, "Let's go.""Yeah, okay," Stephen replied, as Melissa showed us out of the house.And as soon as the door had shut, Stephen positively erupted himself."I could kill him for this, it's one thing to attack a person for being different, but to attack a defenseless one...god Matt, I'm so sorry.""I'm not exactly defenseless, let's just go home already...I think I need an icepack or something...and don't ever think that you're different. We're just like any other young couple in love. Remember that. Come on, before I...oh crap."Which is when we saw Stephen's father walking back Naked Preteen Toplist towards the house, and he saw us pretty much right away. I heard him yell "What did I tell you?" as he ran in our direction. Stephen looked ready to attack his own father, even as Naked Preteen Toplist I tried to get him to just leave. But I guess we wouldn't have made it, he was pretty close.But he was too blind in his rage to see the car speeding towards him as he ran across the road, Stephen saw it, but said absolutely nothing. I opened my mouth to shout a warning, but it was way too late. The car slammed into Stephen's father. It was only then Stephen came back to his senses, and ran over to check his father while I quickly fished out my cell phone and called for an ambulance...---Despite the fact I work in the hospital I now sit in, I never really had to worry about patients where I worked, up in personnel. Stephen's distraught, his mother equally so. I just sat there, trying to comfort them both as best I could. I called Stewart, Stephen's brother, earlier, but he must've been out with Martin. Odds on at the cinema. It's getting pretty late now; I realize I'm trying to suppress a yawn. Unsuccessfully I should add."Matt, you can go home," Stephen said, looking over at me, "There's no reason for you to be here.""Yes there is," I reply, taking his hand in mine, "And as long as you're here I'm staying."He tried to smile, but didn't quite make it. He looked more tired than I feel, which was saying something. He looked ready to fall asleep right there and then, and his head suddenly tips forward, before darting back up."Rest up already," I chided, letting him use my working shoulder as a makeshift pillow, "Before you fall out of the chair."He was asleep before I finished the sentence. Looking over at Melissa, I realize she's fallen asleep too. Which kinda meant I had to stay awake in case something developed. Fantastic.I'm trying not to think about Stephen's expression when the car hit his father. I'm glad Melissa didn't have to see it, but Stephen did. And somehow that makes me feel worse. I chuckle bitterly at the irony, saving me from one car accident and then his father getting hit only a few weeks later. Only I came away with a slightly bruised bone, god knows what his father will come away with..."Mr. Phillips?"I look up to see the consultant approaching, "How is he?""Stable. And conscious, thankfully."I nod, glad to hear that in actuality, listening on to the doctor's prognosis."He's quite lucky, nothing we can't deal with. He'll have to stay in intensive care for a while though.""Can I see him?""No more than five minutes."I think about waking Stephen and Melissa up, but decide against it. They both need the rest. So, gathering up an amazing amount of courage, feeling that ever so familiar 'I wanna throw up' Naked Preteen Toplist feeling, in I went.He looked awful. There was no other way to describe it. As naturally squeamish as I am, I can't help shivering as I sit down beside the bed."I have nothing to say to you," He says, weakly, but still pretty hateful."Good, because I'm going to do all the talking," I reply, trying not to smile at that considering the circumstances."Who says I'll listen?""There's not much else you can do," And while I mentally slapped myself for saying that, I continued, "I don't care what you do to me, and I personally don't care what you have against me and Stephen being together, but you can't just shut him out of your life because of it."No reply. Pushing my luck totally, I decide to continue."He's out there right now, and he's totally losing it because he thinks it's his fault you got hit by that car. All he wants to do is say he's sorry, and I sincerely doubt you would let him somehow. How do you think that makes me feel? And he feels even worse!"Silence."Dammit! He is still your son, no matter what he is! It's not his fault he's turned out this way; he can't help it if he's in love with a guy instead of a girl. Don't you want him to be happy?"I feel a couple of tears fall down my cheek, and I curse myself for being so weak in such a tense situation. Finally he spoke up."Do you really love him?"He's caught me off guard. Not exactly a desirable situation, "If I didn't, would I have come in here and told you all this?""That's not what I asked."I'm starting to see a father-son resemblance here..."Yes, of course I Naked Preteen Toplist love him.""And...he loves you."It didn't seem like a question, not that I had an answer to give anyway. Luckily I didn't have to give one."More than anything," Stephen said, catching me by surprise. I never realized he'd came in, and neither it seemed had his father."...I see." Was all he said.I walked over to Stephen, "Talk to each other," I smile, trying to reassure Stephen mostly, "I'm fed up talking for you."I left them alone and returned to the waiting area. Melissa was still asleep, and as soon as I sat down again, so was I.---My eyes flickered open, and I realized that I had just spent the entire night asleep in a hospital waiting room in a very expensive suit. I suddenly longed for a shower, as my eyes darted around looking for any sign of Melissa or Stephen. Since neither seemed to be here, it was natural to assume they were both in seeing Stephen's dad.I suddenly catch a glimpse of the clock on the wall, 8:55am....okay, good time to panic. I'm supposed to be upstairs in five minutes to start work. And they're very strange people up there who will rip me to shreds for being dressed in a very expensive suit. Can't wait to try explaining this one to them.But first I stop by Mr. Lawson's room. Sure enough Stephen and Melissa are in there, I cough gently to announce my presence. The atmosphere seemed much more relaxed now, which was undeniably a good thing. Stephen walked over, and I'm happy to say he was smiling again."We talked," Was all he said."Good," I replied, "Now maybe both of you should go home now? I take it you've spent the entire night here?"They don't say anything, but look guilty enough to confirm it."Have you had any sleep at all?" I ask, mostly playfully.Again, no response, unless you count Stephen yawning. Good enough I guess."Go home, sleep, I'll see you both later."We leave the room, and Stephen ambushed me with a hug, "Thank you," he whispered in my ear, before leaving with his mother."I'll try and get home early," I call after him, before heading towards the elevators.Oh joy, time to go to work...---"Check out tux boy!"I roll my eyes as I head towards my desk, "Check out slacking boy, back to work Thomson.""Yes Mr. Bond...""Black eye, oh Mr. Phillips...""Yes, do bring that fact up as much as possible..."Sitting down, and repressing the urge to bang my head against the desk, I see my assistant, Tracy if you're caring, handed me my mail.Tracy has this unfortunate habit that all secretaries have of picking up on people's feelings, and she's very good at it, "Bad night?""Well I spent all night in the hospital trying to get my best friend and his father talking again, after said father punched me in the face and then got hit by a car. And to make matters worse, I had to sleep in those damned waiting room chairs. Oh fabulous, and now I get to go through application forms.""Coffee?""Please.""Oh, your tickets for the Christmas night out arrived," She added, conversationally."That's nice," I say, taking a sip of coffee, and then double taking, "'Tickets?' As in, in, more than one?""Yep. Two tickets."Puzzled, I felt it had to be said, "I didn't ask for two tickets.""No, but I figured you could bring along that girl of yours that's made you all Mr. Happy Chappie."I entered condescending mode, "Tracy...""It's not like it'll cost you anything extra boss," It's then I suddenly realize how much of a evil planner Tracy can be, I think she should get a promotion, "We all want to meet the girl who's got you all ringed up," Tracy pointed at my ring, "Go on.""Fine, whatever," I mutter in defeat, "Now can I get on with the application forms?""Sure, no problem!"It's only after Tracy left that I realized what I had said. Blinking, then slapping my forehead in true Homer Simpson fashion, and this time I do let my head fall onto the desk.Looks like I'll be springing a surprise at the Christmas night out then...---The rest of the day was uneventful, most of it spent trying to sort through an inhuman pile of application forms, I decided to pop in to see Mr. Lawson before heading back home.He's looking a lot better now, thankfully. So I skip the traditional 'how are you feeling?' and launch straight into it with a "Did you two talk?""Yes, we did."I wait for him to continue, which he doesn't, "...And?""And you were right.""I was?" I ask, obviously surprised."I'm not totally comfortable with it yet," He says, there is a twinge of sadness in his voice, "But Stephen's happy...and that is all that matters to me.""I hope you told him that," I say, not trying to keep the relief from my voice."I will.""It'll mean so much to him, you know that," I add, before turning to leave."Matt."I turn back around, he continued, "If you ever do anything to hurt him, I'll give you a lot more than that black eye you got before."I laugh, couldn't help it, "If I ever do anything to hurt Stephen, I'll give you permission to do so."---Managing to keep myself from saying 'Honey, I'm home' as I walked into the apartment, I smile as I realize Stephen's standing there with what appears to be a mug of coffee for me."Thanks a lot," I said as he handed it over, "Finally something seems to be going right today...did you get any sleep? How's your mother?""Yes I got some sleep, and mother's still sleeping. She's in the bed."I nod in approval, "It sounds like you and your father managed to clear the air. Shame it took a car accident to do so.""Even if he didn't approve, I wouldn't stop loving you," He smiled as he cuddled me."Well, there's one thing the two of you seem to have in common," I said, quite happily, "You're both stubborn bastards at times.""Shush you, drink your coffee.""Yes sir," I replied, happily cozying into Stephen's embrace on the couch, "You're Naked Preteen Toplist very comfortable, you know that?""I'll be sure to add it to my CV."Which led me to the whole night out situation. It was fun to recall it to Stephen then, and I tried not to laugh as I retold it. Stephen didn't bother trying not to laugh."So basically I now have a spare ticket," I turn my head to look up at him, "And there's only one person I'm going with.""I am not an object to be paraded about you know," He joked, "Are you sure about this though?""Of course. I've dealt with your parents, how hard could a room full of personnel workers be?" I snuggle in closer, "Besides, if anybody gives me grief I can always fire them.""You wouldn't...""Nah, course not. I'll be too busy having fun to notice," I can't seem Naked Preteen Toplist to stop smiling, I think I'm insane, honestly, "Although Tracy will give me grief for it later, she's expecting a fianc�e, not a boyfriend.""I could be a fianc� if necessary," He sounds deadly serious, "That would be kinda cool.""Still, she's expecting a girl...and if you say you'll try to be one of those, I will kick you...I can't wait to see Tracy's face," My grin widens, "It'll be more than worth the price of admission."It's at this point Melissa makes her presence known, guess she woke up a little while ago. You know, I bet she was listening into our conversation...nah. We're still all curled up on the couch as she passes."You two make an agonizingly cute couple," She said, walking through to the kitchen, "I remember when me and Matthew used to cuddle up just like that...where's the coffee?""Top cupboard on the right," I say, although at the same time Stephen said it too. We giggle after a moment, realizing what had just happened."So when is this party anyway?" Stephen asked after managing to recover his composure."Christmas Eve," I say, trying hard not to recite Tracy's speech on how perfect that night is for a party, "That okay?""Perfect, I have no conflicting plans," Stephen places a gentle kiss on the top Naked Preteen Toplist of my head, "Party with my boyfriend, then Christmas the next day.""Ooh, I like that plan," I reply, turning my face just enough for him to brush his lips against my own.---The rest of the week went past uneventfully. Melissa stayed with us, since there was no real point in her staying on her own right now. Every night they went to visit Mr. Lawson in the hospital while I was left to cook know, somehow I think I got the bum deal somewhere...then the night of the Christmas party. Nobody got any serious work done that day, except me Naked Preteen Toplist of course - trying to be all responsible and stuff, despite Tracy's best effort to decorate me with tinsel (I ended up with a gold tinsel tiara, blah, just nicely clashed with my still dark eye and all...). And how mean was it having to work on Christmas Eve anyway?!?"Nervous?" I ask Stephen, who's getting ready to go."Why'd you think that?" He asks, looking a lot more relaxed than I thought."Well...your shirt is inside out for one thing," I say, flicking his nose, "Silly, why are you so nervy?""I'm NOT nervous," Stephen laughs, taking his shirt off to reveal his yummy body, "I'm excited, actually.""Excited? Just be glad I managed to convince them to can the party games idea.""So what exactly, urgh," He's fumbling with his bow tie now, "Little help?" He continues as I try to fix it, not easy, "So what's going to happen.""Mingling, alcohol, secret Santa, alcohol, dancing, alcohol, buffet, alcohol and more alcohol," I smile as I finally manage to get that damn tie fixed, "All in all it's a pretty fun filled evening. Only I've no idea what you're going to do during all the alcohol segments, Mr. Perrier.""Well I fully plan to spend that time kissing the boss.""Oh, that's an excellent plan, which I thoroughly encourage. Just make sure I get some kisses too, okay? Although if anyone could turn my boss, it would be you and that smile of yours.""You are such a tease," Stephen chides, embracing me in a lovely hug, "But you know what I meant.""Duh. Now as much as I hate the idea of you letting me go, I still have to finish getting ready."The plan was simple really. We take Melissa into see Mr. Lawson, then hell breaks loose as the entire personnel department get way into the Christmas spirit. Oh, and the whole coming out to said personnel department bit, yeah no big deal.Have I mentioned lately that I might just be insane?"God, you look handsome tonight Matt," Stephen said, breaking me out of my little trance as I notice his eyes devouring me totally, "How am I supposed to remain composed around you when you're looking like that?""Do it, or I'll get fired for sure," I reply, not really serious, at least I hoped not, "Besides, I was thinking the same thing about you too."Stephen smiled and walked over, hugging me again. I never considered myself a really cuddly person before Stephen, but I guess when it's with the right person then it's the nicest feeling in the world. Being held by someone who loves you is amazing. Try it sometime."I hate to break this touching moment up," Melissa said, announcing her arrival, "But it is time to'd you get your tie perfect Stephen? You could never manage it before..."Stephen nods his head in my direction, "Matt's handiwork.""Brings out his eyes," I smile, "Don't you think?""I suppose you're right there," She admits."Just want my man to look nice," I grin, wrapping my arm around his waist."What are you like?" Stephen asks, placing a kiss on my cheek."You should know by now," I reply cheerfully, "Now let's party...god help us all."---We all stopped by Mr. Lawson's room first since we arrived at the hospital early. He seemed much more jovial now, a sure sign of him getting better. I note that he never apologized for that punch before, but I guess I can forgive and forget. It's nice to know he's not totally homophobic after all, just misguided. And as long as Stephen's happy, it seems Matthew...both Mr. Lawson and I...will be happy too."Ah well, so we'll never have grandchildren Melissa," Mr. Lawson jokes, "I was almost looking forward to being called 'Grandpa Matt'.""There's always Stewart, remember," Melissa said in reply, causing me and Stephen to bite our lips and look at each other, sharing the private joke."Oh, look at the time," I say hurriedly, Naked Preteen Toplist nudging Stephen gently, "We have to go...""Yeah, guess we do," Stephen replies, "We'll pop back in afterwards, okay?""Now remember you two..." Mr. Lawson began."Yeah, yeah," Stephen interrupted, "Back before 11 or we're grounded, got it."I can't help smiling at that one, as bad a pun as it was."I was gonna say have a good time, but now that you mention it...""Okay dad...we'll be in by curfew..." Do I really need to point out the sarcasm here?And with that parting comment we headed to the elevators. The party was being held in the big conference room upstairs, we're too stingy to rent out a place you see. The elevator opened, and a sudden wave of anxiety overcame me, only to be instantly washed away as Stephen took my hand and led me into the elevator. Feeling much more confident than before, into the party we went...---For a cheapskate Christmas party, the room still managed to look extremely nice. I'm blaming that one on Tracy, who is probably wearing baubles for earrings knowing her. ^_^There's the Christmas spirit, and then there is Tracy. If anything it made the place look a lot more jovial than what the room is usually used for...totally boring meetings. To wit, an obscene amount of tinsel hanging around, and a Christmas tree (real, I note) that must surely be considered a fire hazard with all those fairy lights on it."Is this a party, or a visit to Santa's grotto?" Stephen asked, trying hard to keep the bemused look off his face."Go. Mingle. I have to deal with the all important people before anything...oh, the fun of it all."I was betting Stephen would learn and remember everybody's names, ages, heights and shoe sizes within around half an hour or so. It was when Stephen left to integrate himself into the crowd when Tracy decided to pounce on me, armed with ribbons and even more bloody tinsel."I draw the line at the pink ribbons, Tracy," I say curtly, in welcome, "Merry Christmas.""One strand of tinsel on your jacket pocket?" Tracy egged me on, "Hey, I even got Mr. Reynolds wearing it.""That I have to see," I smile at the thought of Mr. Reynolds, a.k.a. 'The Boss', so not in a Springsteen way, wearing tinsel in any manner, "Fine, as long as it's gold tinsel.""So who's the bloke you came in with?" Tracy asked, attaching the tinsel to the pocket of my suit jacket, "Couldn't your girl make it? Oh look, he's coming over..."Which was true, he was carrying two glasses of what I hoped was punch, but was probably something a lot less expensive. Stephen handed me one, and Tracy the other. I almost laughed at Tracy's expression, like a lovesick puppy. Oh, this *was* going to be good."Stephen, Tracy. Tracy, Stephen," I say, pointing at the necessary person at the necessary time, "Tracy's Naked Preteen Toplist my secretary.""Ah, the busybody."Tracy shot me such a look at that as I continued, "And Stephen...well, he's my...Mr. Reynolds!"Tracy and Stephen turned their heads as one to see the approaching form of Mr. Reynolds. He's basically the head of hospital itself, so it's pretty much his fault the hospital is in the state it's in...thankfully it's a pretty good state really."Ah, Mr. Phillips, your timing is impeccable as usual," Wow, I never knew I had impeccable timing, cool, it's going on my r�sum�, "The entire apartment is looking forward to meeting this girl of yours.""The, um..." Gulp, "*Whole* department?""Of course, we want to meet the secret behind your turning from moaning Minnie to smiley Kylie."...Did I mention Mr. Reynolds is a frustrated ex-poet?"I wasn't a moping Mickey, or whatever..." The urge to ram my head against a solid object was rising, "Oh, manners. Stephen, Mr. Archibald Reynolds. Mr. Reynolds, Stephen Lawson. He's the boss of us all. And no additional running commentary needed on that one."Stephen hastily closed his mouth, but I'll have to pressure him into telling me what he would've said later."And my...""Mr. Phillips?"ARRRRRGH!!!!Turning around I see Dr. K. Mitchell. And no, I don't know what the "K" stands for."May I see you a second?""Urgh, sure. Be right back..."I sincerely hoped this was important. Typical, just when you're trying to say something important, interruptions come thick, fast, and heavy.I was so wrapped up in thinking that that I almost missed what the Doctor said. Needless to say it was *very* good news indeed...---Walking back to the party, I had this sudden ill feeling. The kind I usually get when something has gone horribly wrong.For once, I'd like my feelings to be wrong. It'd be a nice change, don't you think?Stephen for a start looked ill at ease, Mr. Reynolds looked *really* uncomfortable, it seemed as if all eyes had suddenly turned in my direction as I walked in."What? Is my tie crooked? Is it my hair? What?"Being the center of attention really makes me feel uncomfortable, and I didn't even know the reason WHY yet."Will someone put me out of my misery and tell me what's going on?"Stephen gulped, "It kind of slipped out...""What did? My arm? No, it's still in the sling and...Oh."So despite my impeccable timing, I really seem to suck at picking up on the obvious."Sorry," Stephen looked really disappointed in himself, "I think they spiked the punch or something...""It's okay. They were gonna find out anyway," I shrug, trying my hardest to make it seem like no big deal, "Is that why everyone's staring at me like I grew a second head?""We were just...surprised, is all," Came a random voice."Well, if you're all done gawking at me, we're supposed to be having a party, remember? As you were, as you were..."All eyes sharply turned away from my general direction, well apart from those belonging to Tracy, Mr. Reynolds and Stephen that is.Tracy was first to recover, "You bastard! I can't believe you of all people can get such a handsome guy and *I* can't! Oh my god, I'm jealous of my, excuse me..."I think I managed to keep the grin off my face as Tracy stumbled away into the throe of the party."Well Mr. Phillips, you are full of surprises aren't you?" Mr. Reynolds said, also trying to keep from grinning at Tracy's expense, "And I must say you are a much braver man than I am. Excuse me."And with that, Mr. Reynolds left the party, leaving me to think about what he just said. This time I think I got it right away, and I let out a little chuckle of utter surprise. That was gossip Tracy would kill for. ^_^"'re not mad at me then?" Stephen looked and sounded awkward."Mad? I'm relieved! That was so much easier than having to tell them myself!" I think I'm beaming, not done that for a while. I wrap my non-slung arm around his neck and pull him in for a quick kiss. I highly suspect people are watching, but if they're so put out by two people in love kissing, then blah to them, "You know, I think your theory about the punch might be accurate..."I can't help turning to see if hyper Oliver is anywhere in the vicinity, but he appears not to be. Which leaves nobody to blame, so I'm guessing something else might be to blame. I'll just attribute it to a mixture of the Christmas environment and a little bit of love too. Nice combination, bet it would taste great with eggnog."Well, I don't think I quite deserved that," Stephen's grinning now thankfully, "But hey, at least nobody seems to care too much."I nod in agreement, "Yeah, and Tracy's face was priceless."I wink cheekily after saying that, causing Stephen to giggle."Hey, what did the doctor want you for anyway?""Oh, well...he might've said something about giving me a clean bill of health."Stephen's eyes seem to light up, he got it right away. I remove the sling and throw it away rather haphazardly, "Finally, that's such a relief and...mmph!"I was cut off by Stephen suddenly wrapping his arms around my neck, slightly too tightly, but why complain, and being silenced by his lips brushing against mine, gently at first, but with more passion after a few seconds after it was more than evident that I was willing to let him (the clue was me wrapping my arms around him in return). Although I couldn't quite bring myself to involve the tongues, I'm still in the place I work you know...I have *some* standards...So instead I just leaned into the kiss as much as possible, for he hasn't really kissed me like that for quite a while...I'm guessing it was because of the arm and all. So I was resolute that I would enjoy it as much
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